Get Noticed with POP!

POP! by Sam Horn

Move over high-priced, fancy-schmancy, Madison Avenue marketing firms - your secret's out. In her latest book, POP! Stand Out in any Crowd, author Sam Horn demonstrates 25 techniques anyone can use to make their title, tagline, slogan, brand, invention, company name, e-mail subject line, blog headings etc. stand out and get noticed.

Just a listing of some of the chapters gets my creative juices flowing. :-)

  • Alphabetize Your Core Words
  • Capture Conversational Catchphrases
  • Create Tell n' Sell Descriptions with the Valley Girl Technique
  • Increase Likability with Laugh Lines
  • Don't Repeat Cliches, Rearrange Cliches
  • Aflac Your Topic So They See What You're Saying

As a marketer, POP! is easily one of the most referenced books in my library. I've also had the privilege of attending several of Sam's presentations. If she's ever in your area - drop everything you're doing and GO! She's a dynamo.