Mac Ads - a witty response to Microsoft Vista

I'm a big fan of the ads that Mac has put out recently. You know - the ones where there's a conversation between the "mac" and the "pc" Click here to view them all. Why do I think they're effective? Here's a list:

  • Scripted in their customer's language - like when PC say's he's going to listen to some "emo"
  • Effective use of metaphors and imagery - like when PC is having a camera installed
  • Mac does not speak ill of his competition, yet still points out his benefits - when they're in therapy Mac tells PC "You're a wiz with numbers and dress like a gentleman."
  • Simple - you don't need to "think" to understand the message

The latest ad talks about how the upgrade to vista is "sugery" - again an effective illustration.


Mac is even spreading their message to the UK. Click here to see the UK ads.

Kudos Mac!