How to succeed in sales without really trying

Fellow blogger Fred Sarkari posted a true-to-life tale of a mistake that I know all of us have made at one point or another - double booking appointments. To read the full story click here. Fred's reaction to his mistake and the choice to be upfront, honest, and genuine is one we can all take a lesson from. We will make mistakes - there's no question about that. The question becomes how do you handle your mistakes?

Do you hide, lie, and cheat? Because if you do - you are making a bad name for all of us who believe in selling with integrity. In addition, unethical sales is hard work - remember Quintillian's quote, "a liar should have a good memory." You are actually creating more work for yourself - and you're busy already, so why would you choose to do that?

Instead, let's dare to be honest. Let's follow Fred's example and reap the rewards of better clients, more referrals, and a cleaner conscience.