Editorial Calendars for Better Blogging

Imagine having your blog planned out for three whole months. How relaxing would that be to plan ahead for the best content? It doesn't have to be a dream, I live that reality. And now, I'll show you how, too.   

I've created a class on Skillshare called Editorial Calendars for Better Blogging to take all of the knowledge I've gained managing the editorial calendars for Fortune 100 organizations, and put it into an easy-to-follow online course. I chose Skillshare because the classes never expire. You'll always have access to the content. Plus, by putting it in this format, it's easy on the wallet, too. 

The class has just been published and if you sign up by the end of the weekend, you'll get 50% off the normal price of $25. I even provide a template editorial calendar to make things super easy for you to get started. 



Also, I just registered on Technorati and need to include this verification code in a blog post. So that's what all the gibberish is below.