#SimplicityPays: Global Brand Simplicity Index

Simplicity consultants Siegel + Gale, the same folks who literally wrote the book on how simplicity has a positive impact on marketing,  just released their Global Brand Simplicity Index for 2013. The report is based on interviews of more than 10,000 consumers in 7 countries and measures the simplicity (and how that simplicity affects the bottom line) of over 500 brands.

The results will come as no surprise to experienced content marketers and strategists — having a simple message increases customer loyalty, employee innovation and revenue. But what's great about the Index is that it provides a solid link, with all the glorious numbers our clients love, to how an investment in content strategy can improve the bottom line. 

Here are some of the top findings: 

  • 75% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences
  • People would pay up to 5.9% more for simpler experiences
  • Companies that articulate a purpose simply and make it a central focus for employees foster innovation 

What are your thoughts? Is this research helpful? Confusing? What are other resources you use to prove the value and ROI of good content? Leave your feedback in the comments below and let's geek out together. :)