Brand Voice Victor: Carrot


Personality. Sounds fluffy and frou frou? Think again. CARROT is proof that a personality will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

CARROT is just one of the over 2,200 (as of July 2013) "to do" apps available for iOS. Many would say that there's no need for any more. That the competition is too fierce. That apps like Clear, Wunderlist, Toodledo, and Orchestra have the market cornered.

All of these apps have a fairly similar feature set, and the design is better on some than others. But CARROT has a secret weapon that the other apps don't: a personality. Just look at the first section of CARROT's support page

CARROT was designed by her Maker to be unbelievably easy to use. Just pull down to add a task, swipe right to complete it. That’s it. (At least at first. CARROT evolves new abilities as you use her.)
To reveal her menu, simply swipe to the left. You'll find CARROT's current mood here, along with access to her settings.

Fine, you say. The marketing people did a good job. But wait — if you look closely you'll see that even the traditionally boring iTunes update page stays true to the brand.  

What's New in Version 4.0
Greetings, lazy humans. I’ve been working my Maker so hard that he’s now hallucinating dancing pygmy hippos, but it was worth it to bring you these amazing new features!

Okay, one more example. Occasionally, I like to reach out to brands on Twitter. It's a really fun way to see how committed a brand is to their personality. Of course, CARROT did not disappoint.  

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 2.15.56 AM.png

By this point, you're hopefully starting to see a pattern. What CARROT really nails is a seamless voice across their brand. You can't tell if a sentence was written by a marketer or a developer. Every sentence works together to bring CARROT to life. Take a peek at their most recent launch trailer to see CARROT in all her snarky glory. 

Big deal, you're thinking. YES! It is a big deal — this brand investment resulted in some really amazing reviews in the App Store. Reviews help buyers move into action, they influence investors and are a big part of determining where your app ranks in search. CARROT earned more reviews (2,372, most of them five-star) in just a few months (a sprightly seven) than most apps will ever see. This means that out of 2,290 apps that showed up when I searched "to do" CARROT came in FOURTH! Crowded market place? Not anymore. Personality influences reviews. Reviews influence the bottom line. 

Personally, I've really enjoyed using CARROT. I'm notorious for downloading every single to do list app I can, using it for a little while, and then never looking at it again. The fact that I'm still using CARROT is a testament to her awesomeness. 

Of course, CARROT is just one of many brands that dominates the market through their personality. Use the comments below and tell us which product personalities win over your wallet.