Success and Failure


It's the goal of every business. And I'm finally starting to see it. Here are some highlights since I launched BrandVox in May.

I just finished up a project with the VCU Parkinson and Movement Disorder Center to help a team of neuroscientists find the language to accurately express their new way of doing research. I had a blast working with Sarah Milston and The Spark Mill — she's an incredibly talented business strategist.

In July I wrapped up my portion of a global airline project with my dear friend Leslie O'Flahavan— I literally felt like I was saving the world every minute I worked on it.  On top of that I mentored at a StartUp Weekend in Richmond. The team that won chose a BrandVox Message Playbook as their prize. 

Last week, Scott, my husband and business partner, reduced his hours at his full-time job to build custom software to help me with my analysis. It feels like the Corgibytes band is back together. Plus, my presentation, Engineering Effective Communications, was a big hit at RVA Content Strategy

Opportunities are presenting themselves left and right. Which is why this week, I felt drawn to this quote by Winston Churchill:  


Some people have commented on how BrandVox is looking like an "overnight success" and it's funny to hear that because even though the brand launched just a few months ago, I've been working on it steadily for seven years. I've had to wait tables, live without a car, pull from my savings, eat ramen noodles, move back in with my parents, lose friends, lose jobs, hit rock bottom, and claw my way back up again to make it all happen.

When you're down in that well, it can be tough to see what's ahead. I did a good job remembering that failure wouldn't kill me. Now that things are better, I need to remember to stay in the moment and realize that success is just as fleeting.