Magic That Holds Your Brand Together: Message Architecture


Brands. They're often seen as mystical, elusive things that live somewhere over the marketing department and have a big pot of gold at the end.

No One Person or Department Creates a Brand

But brands don't live in the marketing department. Or in the advertising agency. They're not roommates with designers or copywriters (although they do like to hang out with these folks after hours). You won't find a brand moving into the CEO's executive suite that overlooks one of the best views of the city — because brands are not created by one single person or department. 

Brands Come Alive In the Nooks and Crannies


Brands are made up of every tiny interaction, no matter how seemingly insignificant, between the people who talk about your organization and the ones who are listening. The way you answer the phone? That's your brand. That online review that wasn't too glowing? Also your brand. How about that generic "thanks for your business" sentence on your invoices? You guessed it. That's your brand, along with a million more tiny touch points hidden in the nooks and crannies of your communications


Message Architecture Holds Brands Together


Imagine each of these tiny brand interactions is a broken piece of colored tile in a pile. Right in front of you is the potential for a beautiful mosaic that will get people talking. But without something to bind them all together into a single structure, you're left with a heap of ceramic that's easy to ignore. 


Just like how concrete holds tile in a mosaic, Message Architecture adheres those seemingly disparate communications and makes each one part of the bigger picture. It's the glue that binds customers, employees, and vendors to an organization's common purpose. Message Architecture is the structure upon which you can build a brand worth interacting with.