Brand Voice Victor: Slides That Rock & Permission Reminders

If you're looking for places to showcase your brand's personality, look no further than the generic template copy in your emails. Taking two minutes to revamp a boring message into your brand voice is an easy way to boost your brand without big spending. 

Slides That Rock recently sent an email that's a great example of using this technique. Notice how they've also done a great job on the rest of the copy too — including the headline — all of it works together to create a brand that's brimming with personality. 


Slides That Rock has a nice handle on their Message Architecture because even the small nooks and cranny copy relates back to their brand's overall goals. This is especially important because since they're selling presentation templates, keeping their brand voice consistent throughout their communications is a good way to build trust and word of mouth.


Curious how to do this? Here are help articles for MailChimp and Constant Contact. If you're using a different system, try searching for "permission reminder" in the FAQ/Knowledgebase.