What's Your Content Personality?

 Image Credit:  Bigstock

Image Credit: Bigstock

Think of a team you worked on for a recent project. Were there people who you naturally got along with? Maybe some you had to learn to work with? In any team, personalities play a big part of the productivity and overall dynamic of the group — and content projects are no exception. 

I’ve talked about this before, but understanding the nature of how you create content as opposed to your co-workers can help you to more easily navigate your differences.

I've found that most people I have worked with fall into one of four content personality types: The Artist, The Admin, The Analyst, and The Absentee. 

No personality type is better than another; each one brings unique strengths to the team. But when you understand the pros and cons of each type, you can use it to your advantage.

For example, if you identify yourself as an Analyst (you geek out over data and facts), but your co-worker definitely has the Artist trait (a highly creative, visionary type), when you get excited and talk about the facts and figures, it very well may fall on deaf ears. The best thing to do is to be flexible and give your colleague some space to create. You can come back together at a later date and find ways to marry the vision with the data.

Likewise, if you’re an Admin type (you love process and clear direction) working with an Absentee (prefers to have little involvement), you’ll need to remember that your partner is not going to be into following your process to a tee. You'll have to be proactive about getting any information you need from this person. The great thing is that you can run with the project and check in for feedback down the line.

Wondering what your content personality type is? Take this quiz and find out:

Share this quiz with your team mates so they can figure out their type as well!