Deanna Lorianni & Meghan Codd Walker

Zuula Consulting

This team of two offers verbal branding, content strategy, copywriting, and writing coaching. As self-described, "Word Nerds", they thoroughly enjoy language, writing and doing everything they can to help your messages reach new heights, with every word.

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Phone: 804-252-7112

Rachel Burns

The Content Chop Shop

Rachel and her team offer professional writing, content design, and marketing services to small businesses and non-profits at an afforadable price. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and prides herself in creating lean, complelling content that people want to read.

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Alison Lueders

Great Green Content

Alison does copywriting for businesses. She especially targets “green” or eco-friendly businesses, but is comfortable with a wide array of industries. She is an MBA and worked in corporate environments for many years before starting her own business.

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Phone: 813-968-1292

Kara Parlin

With more than 15 years of professional writing experience, Kara has written both editorial and marketing/advertising content in a variety of industries. These include education, wellness, pharmaceutical, technology, design, publishing, entertainment, and marketing.

Rates: Freelance rate is $25 per hour, but flexible and happy to quote per assignment.

Writing Samples:

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Other writing samples -

7 Habits That Boost Your Content Credibility

6 Steps to Help You Move Past Fear and Into Action

The Indie Publishing Debate


Phone: 860-817-1144

Katie Daggett

KD Copy & Content Writing

Katie has been a freelance copywriter since 2010, prior to that she worked as an in-house copywriter for several marketing firms in Omaha, Nebraska. Her experience is all across the board, but Katie specializes in B2B online copywriting (website copy and content marketing - case studies, white papers, blog writing, email, etc.) She is a member of Copybloggers certified content marketing writers.

Rates: Provides quotes per project.

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Phone: 970.556.1294

Sequoia Brown

Indie CEO Design

Sequoia has a Masters in Library Science and has worked for several years as a research librarian. Subject matter is no limitation since her background required her to delve into a variety of subjects from politics and business, to science and tech. Looking for assistance writing white papers? Sequoia can help.


Researched article with cited references I charge $85 for up to 650 words.

Writing Samples:

Alcohol is Bad for Your Hair, Right?

The Importance of Your Hair's Hydro-Lipid Layer


Stan Robinson, Jr.

SHR Marketing, LLC

Stan specializes in writing website content, blog posts, emails, and social media posts. Industries most familiar with: digital marketing, social media, technology, and personal development.


Web pages: $150 - $250 | Blog posts: $75 - $175 | Emails: $125 - $300

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Website content

Blog posts




Phone: 908-463-3485

Sue Campbell

A freelance writer since 2010, Sue Campbell is a talented journalist who consistently delivers thoroughly researched, well-written articles on a wide range of topics. She has a gift for presenting complex material in clear, concise and engaging ways. She is certified as a content marketer through Copyblogger.

Rates: Varies depending on the type of project. Here's a general idea for some common types of writing:

Blog posts 400-800 words: 100-300 depending on word count and complexity Landing pages: $200-$500 Ebooks, special reports, etc: $50-150 per page

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Phone: 971-344-4115