Message Playbook™

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” -Ann Voskamp

Does everyone in your organization speak in one, cohesive brand voice? 

In today's marketplace, the brands that use consistent language win. These messages don't just come from the marketing department — every single person in your organization needs to be aligned with your vision and able to tell your story.

The Message Playbook™ — your new secret weapon. 

We've helped some of the biggest brands out there develop content systems and training programs. So, we know what it takes to help you get your staff speaking confidently about your brand.

But not every business has a big brand budget. That's why we developed The Message Playbook — a cost-effective training tool that helps brands of all sizes scale their communications.  

 We're writing a book! Learn more and sign up for updates at

We're writing a book! Learn more and sign up for updates at

Winning football coaches have their best plays compiled into a easy-to-reference guide. We do the same thing for your brand's messages. The Message Playbook helps your team:

  • Create a consistent, yet nuanced, message across departments.
  • Understand where their role fits into the brand. 
  • Refer to your best words quickly and easily. 
  • Write emotionally resonant content for a variety of audiences.

Sounds interesting... What do I get? 

  • Full-day on-site strategy meeting with your CEO and up to four other stakeholders
  • Sixty-page document, delivered in print and electronically, that includes:

Brand Voice Analysis

  • One-page visual representation of your brand's personality 
  • Your brand’s top six characteristics with hand-crafted, tailored descriptions 
  • Specific writing techniques for showcasing each personality 
  • Message theme to help bring consistency to your communications
Sample copy of tone changes in eight key business areas

Audience Analysis

  • Audience segmentation analysis and confidence scoring
In-depth and specific explanations of how to engage each audience
  • Recommendations of prioritized marketing techniques
  • Hand-picked resources to help you immediately implement your voice 

Sounds like a good value. I still have some questions... 

Fire away.  

You mention that research informs your recommendations. What does that mean? 

What some marketers call "intuition", we call a hypothesis. Sure, we'll have a pretty good idea of what recommendations to make, but we validate our assumptions to make sure they're accurate. Almost all of the research we conduct is primary research with your internal team. Our methodology is based around Visual Narrative Art (VNA) techniques, which a recent study in the Journal of Business Research called one of the most effective ways to "bring out unconscious thinking, emotion-based associations, brand personality attributes, affective-based motives, and other attributes of the brand that cannot be easily captured in more logical, quantitative methods of research." 

Do I really need to have my CEO in the room?

Yes. Our research methods are designed to align communication goals to the overarching business goals and for that, we need to have your lead visionary as part of the group. We know this is tough. It's probably the toughest part of the entire project — but it's why our strategy works and others don't.  

Another firm just did a bunch of research for us. Can you slim down your process and just use what they did? 

Sorry, but in order for us to give you the most confident and accurate communication strategy we can, we need to base it on our own primary research. 

How long does the process take?  

6-8 weeks from the initial input session. Yup, you read that correctly. Not months (or years) — weeks. We've streamlined our methods and built custom software for our analysis so you can get an accurate communication strategy quickly.

Do you offer other services? 

Sure! Some clients ask us to create a detailed style guide that they can distribute to their team. Others want on-site training to teach their staff how to implement a specific strategy. If you need copywriting or other creative services, we don't offer those, but we can link you up with some stellar folks who do.  

How much?  

Here's our most current pricing. Go ahead, ask around. Chances are, our services are one of the best values around and will pay for itself over and over again as your brand grows.  

I'm in. How can I learn more?

If you're ready to get to create your Message Playbook, we're ready to help. All you have to do is get in touch.