Over the years people have said some nice things about my work. Makes me blush every time I think about it. I suppose when you love what you do, it shows.

 Andrea Ford Owner & Chief Message Architect BrandVox   

Andrea Ford
Owner & Chief Message Architect


"I'd recommend Andrea to any business or brand because of how well she is able to take high level concepts and break them down into digestible actions. She joined us this semester as a guest speaker in the VCU Entrepreneurship Program and our seniors were blown away by her knowledge on brand, brand voice, and startups. One student commented that Andrea was the best speaker we've had in class all year because of how she tied her experience into practical takeaways for the students to apply to their senior capstone projects. An all-star, without a doubt." -ACe Callwood, Co-Founder, Coffitivity.com

"When it comes to creating those short sentences that have a big impact on your brand, Andrea works magic. We have called on Andrea more than once for input on a campaign name and she never disappoints." -Kelly Vance, Owner, Vance

"Andrea is truly a message architect. She transforms words in a way that allows your business to hone in on its target customers. She is professional, friendly, and incredibly responsive. She conducted a brainstorming session with me for 804RVA and then created a message playbook that was one of the most detailed marketing guidelines I have ever seen. She gets two thumbs up from me." -Larkin Garbee, Owner, 804RVA

"Andrea has been a vital part of the CreateAthon team, helping me and my partners in South Carolina launch CreateAthon as a nonprofit organization. She has a great ability to get to the core of a message someone is communicating while maintaining and amplifying that person's or organization's voice; a true talent." -Peyton Rowe, Executive Director, CreateAthon

"Andrea's work consistently blows my mind. Her ideas are fresh and practical. She is able to see a clear path through the chaos of what your business does to articulate what your business is about. She'll pan for gold and find that nugget of truth--that unique gift that only your business gives to the world." - Anna Best, Owner, Samara Landscape Design

"Andrea's enthusiasm and passion for her work is inspirational. She has the exceptional ability to come up with copy that is the perfect combination of both message and excitement. I am grateful to have had her expertise!"  -Lauren Rosati, Director of Community Relations, YWCA of Richmond

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